Certificate Course on Herbarium Techniques & Methodology

» Introduction

Certificate Course on Yoga is a specially designed course for graduate students. The herbarium is defined as a storehouse of collected plant specimens. These plant specimens are dried, pressed, and are then preserved in sheets. These sheets are then stored and arranged in a sequence that is universally accepted by the system of classification. The herbarium botany comes under taxonomical studies.
A herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens that have been stored appropriately, databased and arranged systematically to ensure quick access to students, researchers and the general public for scientific research and education.
The herbarium is used as a repository for the study of plants specimen. Herbarium provides instant referrals in taxonomical studies. They give histological and geographical information about different plant species.

» Duration

Class: B. Pharm Duration: 1 Hour
Course: Certificate Course on Herbarium Techniques & Methodology Time period of course: 30 days