» Introduction

Certificate Course on Yoga is a specially designed course for graduate students. This course is designed to build up mental, physical health of the students and it will help students be better prepared for their curricular as well as co-curricular activities. As the students near the end of their course, and some of them are going to enter in their final academic year there might be occurrence of some sort of stress in their mind. Students need to be strong for facing stress condition, should be mentally strong and prepared for this kind of situations.
This course will help student in:
• To make them strong enough to face stressed condition and make them mentally and physically strong.
• To face the stress situation like Interview and its preparation.
• To make them strong enough to take some hard life changing decisions.
• To make students much more confidant to express their ideas freely in front of others.
• To provide learners with skills that will bring about a holistic change in them so that they can face the world with confidence.

» Duration

Class: B. Pharm Duration: 1 Hour
Course: Certificate Course on Yoga Time period of course: 30 days