Vocational Training Program
(Pharmacy Assistant)

» Duration

Class: B. Pharm. Duration: 180 Hours
Name of Course: Pharmacy Assistant Course Code: MED124
Name of Sector:  Medical and Nursing Name of Scheme: PMKUVA 2017

» Scope

You'll work with patients every day and help with their prescriptions. You'll also answer their questions, either face-to-face or over the phone. You will make sure that the pharmacy has the necessary stock by ordering items as well as receiving, loading and unloading deliveries.

» Objectives

The main objectives of a pharmacist assistant are to support the duties of a pharmacist and ensure customers receive the care they require. Pharmacist assistant duties may also include: Providing customer service to clients within a pharmacy. Answering customer questions and helping them find the products they need.

» Outcomes

Pharmacy Assistant program prepares graduates to collaborate with a pharmacist and/or pharmacy technician to:
• Utilize various forms of pharmacy automation to prepare/dispense patient medication.
• Dispense, sell and compound medications.
• Manage inventory.
• Interact with patients and other health care providers.
• Assist in the provision of medication therapy management and pharmacy services.