Pre-Final year students of B.Pharm program undergo a mandatory one month industrial training in leading
organizations as a part of their curriculum. This enables them to get exposure in tackling live problems that occur in
the working of an individual entity. These internships, along with various industrial visits keep the students informed
about latest industrial trends.
This is a 24 credit course, compulsory for all students where the student is evaluated both by the mentor in the
Industry and a faculty advisor from the institute. The training also includes two faculty visits to the organization, both
for evaluating the student and fostering Institute - Industry Interaction.
The duration of the industrial training is one month between May to June, making the student a comprehensive
package for the industry.


All the reputed organizations including MNCs are coming to the College for campus recruitment. To achieve its goal,
the Training & Placement Cell works towards recognizing the core competencies of students. It works through a close
knit organization and has a structure which conveys information to the students at the fastest possible rate. A
common placement brochure for all branches is published.
The Training & Placement Cell firmly believes in ‘Industry-Institute Interaction’. In order to accomplish ‘Industry-
Institute Interaction’, it organizes technical talks and national seminars to provide a platform for the budding
pharmacist to interact with professionals from various industries. It encourages visits to the industries by the college
students. Eminent experts from different Pharma industries are being invited on a regular basis who can share their
experience and knowledge with the students. By this students not only get the knowledge but also get motivated
towards the practical life and become aware about the Industry demands as well. We keep arranging the Educational
tours and Industrial visits so that students can get the practical exposure of the working environment
The college has signed MOUs with many industrial organizations and industrial chambers. Technical paper presentation
contests are held in collaboration with industries to discuss new developments and trends.
Responsibilities of Training & Placement Cell:
· To prepare Brochures of department
· To invite prospective companies to campus for recruitment.
· To register students for the jobs with prescribed qualifications
· To arrange for various facilities required on the date of interview
· To collect appointment letters and distribute them to selected students.
· To provide in-plant training at industries
· To achieve maximum possible placements for students.
· To guide students on various interview techniques, group discussions, aptitude tests.
Other activities include:
· Arrangement of Personality Development Workshops
· Trains students in aptitude tests, interview techniques, group discussions
· Notification regarding various competitive examinations
· Organizes industrial visits
· Guides students wishing to pursue Higher Education
Responsibilities of Placement Officer:
1. To prepare Brochures for department and send to prospective companies by Jan-Feb of every year.
2. To correspond to prospective companies for interview date and schedule of events.
3. To arrange for interview facilities at the campus and written test halls.
4. To receive the personnel and provide necessary inputs about the college and to co-ordinate student representatives
for smooth functioning at various locations (interview halls, written test halls, canteen etc)
5. To collect the appointment letters or correspond to get them as soon as the interview is over.
6. To distribute appointment letters and collect acceptance letters from the students and dispatch to employees.
7. To identify a standby placement officer to take over the responsibilities during the absence of Placement Officer.
Responsibilities of Department Students Representatives:
1. To collect bio-data with students having primary eligibility at the start of the 7th semester and to verify their
credentials with respect their marks sheets and once the results of a semester has been obtained, update the data
and the eligible students for that semester are listed.
2. To obtain the information about possible visit from the placement officer and depending on the eligibility criteria
asked by the organization, submit the bio-data of students to the placement officer.
3. To identify three student representatives for the department who will actively participate in placement work.
4. To inform the students about the date and time of interview.
5. To be present at the time of interview on a date given along with the two student representatives.
6. To regulate students who have to be interviewed as per the order given by the employer.
7. To collect the list of selected students and inform the students individually.
8. To distribute the appointment letters to the students and get the acceptances letters and give them to the
placement officer.
9. To inform the date and time of campus interview / written test to the respective instructors who take classes for
the final year students prior to that date. The instructors should engage the class if at least 50% of students attend
the class on the date of campus interview.
General guidelines for the Students:
1. Student's eligibility will be finalized on company's discretion.
2. Students should register their names in the placement office after verifying their primary eligibility conditions with
their department placement coordinator. They should provide Xerox copies of all their marks while registration.
3. Bio-data of the students should be provided to the department placement Co-ordinator for every company visiting
the campus.
4. Once a student is selected and intimated his/her name will be removed from the placement rolls and he/she is not
eligible to appear for further campus interview.
5. The students should take every effort to maintain the decorum and the image of the college with the visiting
representatives of the organization.
6. The Principal/Placement officer, for any reasons, receives adverse comments on the behaviour and conduct of the
interviewee from the interviewers; he/she may have to face severe consequences.
7. It is the responsibility of the students to look at the notices and other information from the notice board of the
placement cell.
8. The students must make their own arrangements such as transport, food etc. for attending the Interviews.